Apprentice2Jesus over at the blog of the same name has tagged me with a meme about Protestant Icons. He asks us to name our five favorite Protestant Icons.

This is an interesting subject, particularly since we don’t really think of Protestants as having icons. But in his post about icons, A2J gives us some names like Luther and Calvin, Billy Graham, John Piper, and a few others. Yes, I have to agree with him that we do tend to set such people up as icons. But like any other icons, we must not worship them, although it seems at times that many people do.

So I’m going to see if I can come up with a few Protestant icons.

1. As a lifelong Methodist, I can tell you a major icon for us has to be the founder of our church, John Wesley. In fact, it can be disconcerting at times to see Wesleyan scholars and teachers appealing to Wesley more than to Jesus. And going hand in hand with John Wesley in the minds of many Methodists is his brother…

2. Charles Wesley. Writer of a great many of the hymns in the Methodist Hymnal (now United Methodist Hymnal), Charles is also appealed to as a theologian almost as foundational to the Methodist movement as his brother.

3. Among United Methodists of today, there are a few who could be considered to be of iconic status. I think the most prominent would be theologian Thomas C. Oden.

4. Another would be Billy Abraham.

5. A final recent UM icon would have to be Albert C. Outler. Outler is considered one of the finest Wesleyan theologians in history, and the first real United Methodist theologian. (But it’s interesting to read what Billy Abraham said about Outler here!)

Now, who would I like to tag? Let’s go with Kevin Sam at New Epistles, Peter at Beauty of the Bible, A.Admin at Aberration Blog, Brent Kircheville at the Christian Monthly Standard, amd my buddy Stan McCullars at Just After Sunrise.