We had a blizzard, so I decided to stay home, since I didn’t have any great desire to go outside and freeze to death in my work van in a snow drift somewhere. Us Minnesotans are funny like that.

Most of the day I spent sitting around the house, reading a book by John MacArthur, watching daytime TV (what a vast wasteland that is!) and napping.

Most of our snow, which started Tuesday midday, had ended by noon Wednesday, but the winds just kept blowing, causing poor visibility and frigid wind chill temps. The temp without the wind chill dropped to -6F this morning; the wind chill made it feel like -25. I know there are places in the country where it gets colder, but by any standards that is cold.

I woke up at about 5:00am yesterday morning, wondering what was happening outside, and would my daughter have school and would my wife be able to get to work. By 6:00 I had that information – schools were closed for the day. My daughter would be staying home, and so would my wife, because she is working for the school district at the moment (she’s a temp.) I looked out the front door, and things didn’t look very inviting.

I sat down to have some breakfast, and I texted my co-worker to see if he thought it was worth trying to get down here to the shop. He said he had too much snow to shovel first. Moments later the boss called, and told me to stay home. It just wasn’t worth going out and getting killed.

The dog needed to go outside and do her thing. I opened the door, she stepped out onto the deck, and turned right around and came back in. (Smart dog!) I grabbed a shovel and went out to clear the snow off the deck and steps. Now there are five steps going down from our deck, and there was a snowdrift covering the bottom three of them. I started shoveling and got down to the third step. That’s when the dog decided she couldn’t wait any more, and she jumped off the steps and disappeared into the snowbank! I couldn’t help but laugh so hard! That was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time! She didn’t realize the snow was that deep or that soft, and she immediately sank out of sight! Her head popped up, and then she sort of swam out of the snowdrift. I wish I had had a video camera running so I could show you.

I shoveled a path out to the street and discovered a newspaper had actually been deposited in the newspaper box sometime in the early morning hours. I don’t know how they got it there. I sure wouldn’t have wanted to be out driving in that stuff! Then I went back in the house to bide my time.

One thing we’ve learned, is that when the weather get like that, if you don’t have to go anywhere, then don’t. I knew I didn’t have to go to work, or anywhere else, for the rest of the day. So we just stayed home, not worrying about such things as work and school.

But I started getting antsy in the afternoon. I knew there was snow to move, and the wind seemed to be starting to let up. My wife called our daughter-in-law to find out when this one guy was going to be plowing them out, and she said he was there early in the morning, because my son had to get to work. (My son works for the local telephone company/internet provider/television cable company, so he had to get there.) But she said she’d call the guy and see if he could come and plow us out. In a few minutes she called us back and said he’d be at our place by about 4:00.

So my wife and I got dressed up and went out, finished shoveling the sidewalk out to the cars, and cleaned the snow off the cars and started them up so they would be drivable when he got there. He did, we got the cars and my work van off the driveway, and he plowed it clean. We had very little work left to do, and we (our backs especially) appreciate it so much! $15 dollars worth! It was money well spent!

The days are long gone when I’d be willing to try to shovel that much snow by myself, or even ask my wife to help me do that much. But there are lots of guys driving around this little city looking to earn a few extra bucks by helping folks out. It’s a small price to pay.

And so now I’m back at work today, and back at this old boat anchor, er, computer. They’re talking about a bit more snow sometime next week. I don’t need it. I should e-mail Al Gore and see when they’re gonna get that global warming up and ready to go. We could sure use some of that around here!