Am I getting old, or what?

We just finished installing a new windshield in a late-model Ford pickup. My arms ache, my back aches, my legs ache, my feet ache…

I used to be able to do this job and go home at night and sleep. Now I take painkillers before I go to bed, and I still wake up in the early morning hours after five or six hours of sleep, sometimes less, with pain in this joint or that. I guess thirty-three years of doing this job maybe wasn’t such a great idea. It gets to your body.

I wish I could get paid for writing my blog. Well, I wish I could get paid at least as much as I do as an auto glass installer. I wouldn’t get rich, but I wouldn’t have to go and do something else besides. My older brother is a paid writer, why not me? I can write, too!

And if I got paid for writing, maybe my joints wouldn’t hurt so much. Then again, I’d probably still get carpal tunnel syndrome, and sore legs and back from sitting so much.

And besides, I’d probably have somebody telling me what to write about. I don’t know if I’d appreciate that very much.

Maybe I’ll just keep on blogging.

One thing about these slow days in the auto glass business – you get to see what’s really going on in my head. I think this is my 4th post today! I must be getting close to some kind of a personal record!