It’s only Friday. Christmas is a week away. But I figured I’d give you regular readers of the Sundry Times fair warning that I’m not going to be here too much.

Of course, Saturday and Sunday I probably won’t be here at all. I’ll be working Monday and Tuesday next week, so I should be here, close by at least, monitoring the blogs and hopefully writing my thoughts.

Wednesday I am taking a vacation day so my wife and I can attend our granddaughter’s school Christmas Winter program, as well as work on finishing our Christmas shopping and anything else we need to do.

I was going to work Thursday, the 24th, Christmas Eve, which is normally a half day around here, but the boss decided just to close up that day instead.

Next Friday is Christmas, of course. And then comes Saturday and Sunday once again. So I won’t be around at all, probably, starting Wednesday the 23rd and continuing until the following Monday, the 28th.

(Kinda nice to have a 5-day weekend!)

The following week could be much the same, although I’ll probably be working Wednesday that week, and maybe a half day on Thursday.

So there you have it, fair warning. 😉