I’m looking forward to the new NIV when it comes out in 2011. I’ve really become enamored with the TNIV, and I liked the NIV before that. I’m looking forward to having what the CBT considers to be their best attempt at the best Bible for us today. I’m also hoping that the new NIV will put all the bickering and fighting in the past. The problem they had in recent years was that they had unintentionally divided their own camp into two factions. Hopefully all who like either the NIV or the TNIV will be able to unite behind the new NIV. (Yes, I can be a dreamer sometimes.)

I would expect that we will see Zondervan/et al give us a myriad of styles to choose from, as they have with both the 1984 NIV and the TNIV. The Bible I hope to see will be a large-print (10-11 pt, 12 pt. is a little too big), black-letter, center-column reference Bible with leather/Tru-tone cover. I could probably live with a Bible like my TNIV reference Bible, single-column and black letter, but the text in that has a tendency towards smallness. If my eyes are tired after a long day I find it difficult to read. But I do like the fact that it doesn’t have any of the hated red ink, and the paper is a nice quality which makes for easier reading, note-taking, and even page-turning.

My personal preference is for the narrower columns of text with a center column of references. I’m not crazy about the single wide column of text with a side column of references. As we get older it can become difficult for our old eyes to find the correct line of text when we come back to the left side of the page. However, that also seems to be a matter of preference as well. It depends on what you’re used to. If you read newspapers, magazines, and two-column Bibles, you might find the wide column a disconcerting and uncomfortable read. But if you’re used to wider columns of text, you may prefer that.

I don’t care for end-of-sentence or end-of-paragraph reference notes. Which brings up another subject: paragraphs. I’m sure I won’t have to chide the publishers about giving us a verse-style Bible. They’ve been good for the paragraph style Bibles for many years. People like their Bibles that way, and I don’t expect the publishers to change that now.

I assume we will see many different variations of styles of covers. But since the new NIV will be aimed at a broader group of people than the TNIV was originally, I would expect there to be a good variety of more conservative covers available as well as the wild splashes of colors we have seen in recent years. Fine leather should be available, as well as lower grades of leather, bonded leather, and the soft imitatiion leather Tru-tone covers that have become so popular. They look and feel so nice, and yet they give us a good, low-cost alternative.

So that’s what I’m hoping to see, and I’m really looking forward to that 2011 NIV.