I’m sitting here at work at this old computer with my insulated 20 ounce cup of 100% Columbian coffee at my side. (But probably only about 10 ounces left!)

Been doing a little reading of the blogs from over the weekend and commented on one or two. Waiting for the time to approach for us to go and pick up a van to install a new windshield in it. Got a Buick in here right now; my co-worker is doing a chip repair on that. Looks like people are wanting to get their windshields done now before Christmas, so we’ll probably be busy today and tomorrow.

Woke up to snow yesterday morning – snowing to beat the band! We decided to wait it out and not attempt to go out on the roads to church. That’s one of the nice things about not teaching a class any more – I don’t have to be there. The Weather Channel was predicting less than an inch of snow, but we had over two inches before it was done shortly after nine o’clock. Then the snowplow came by and plowed in the end of the driveway so it was a foot deep. My wife and I went out to shovel and got all shoveled out by 11:15, way too late to make it to the 9:00 service at church. But we weren’t too late to make it to the funeral in the afternoon, so that was our church yesterday.

It was a funeral for an older fellow in the church who was a friend of all, loved by many; a man who lived his faith. He will be very missed both in our church and in our community where he spent many, many hours volunteering and helping people. His funeral was more a celebration than a time of mourning, and that’s the way it should be. He would have appreciated it. I hope the Lord gave him a glimpse of the church yesterday afternoon; it was full of people whose lives he had touched in many ways.

That’s the way we should all hope to be remembered.

Well, time to get to work!