In my previous post called a Good Old-Fashioned Minnesota Winter, I mentioned that the only thing missing from this winter is the extremely cold temperatures.

Well, you’ll be happy to know that our winter is now complete.

I awoke Saturday morning and turned on the Weather Channel, and was shocked to see our temp was standing at -27. In the afternoon it got all the way up to -14. Sunday morning we went to church with the temp at -22, and it was also sitting at -22 this morning. If we hit the predicted high today of +3, it will be the first time since last Wednesday or Thursday that we’ve been above zero. But we’re not holding our breath, because as of noon we were still sitting at a frosty -12. We’ll have to do a lot of warming this afternoon to get over zero, and with the clear blue sky out there I doubt that it’s going to happen.

The Weather Channel is predicting highs for us in the single digits above zero for the rest of the week, only getting up near +20 next Sunday.

We’ll see.