It’s been a pretty busy day around here once again. My co-worker, Mike, had a doctor’s appointment this morning, and decided he needed the whole day off. I don’t blame him one bit. He works hard here, and I could see how tired he is getting. You know, that’s one thing about doing a physically demanding job, especially when the two of you are “getting up there”. We’re both in our mid-50s now, and we can really feel it!

So anyway, I’ve been doing it all by myself today. The morning was busy, and the afternoon is a little bit more comfortable, but still enough for one old guy.

We’re not working in a perfect climate around here either. You look outside the window, and it’s beautiful. The sun is glinting off the snow, and it’s very pretty. But the temp is still below zero, and the sun is still too low in the sky to do a lot of warming for a few more weeks. “They” are predicting a low of -20 to -25 tonight, and that’s c-c-c-cold! But tomorrow we’re supposed to get above zero, then in the teens on Sunday, and the twenties by Tuesday, and maybe even the thirties by Wednesday! Why, we could even be heading into an old fashioned January thaw!

Anyway. I have one more windshield to install here in the shop this afternoon. I hope they come in early! Then I’m done for the week! I’m really looking forward to resting these weary old bones!

And one of these days I’m going to write something worth reading again, something of much more substance than these silly posts about work and the weather.