This morning I made a purchase, a sudden, impulsive purchase.

My co-worker and I were talking about Bibles and Bible study. He and I both are big MacArthur fans, but while I have always made do with hardcover Mac Study Bibles, he has always purchased the top-of-the-line genuine leather ones. He’s had his leather NKJV MacArthur for many years now, and when the NASB version came out a couple years ago he got the leather version of that one, too.

Well, he tried the NASB, but was always a bit uncomfortable with it. He was always very comfortable with the NKJV, and the font used in the NKJV version seems a little bit nicer to him. So in the course of our discussion, he said he had decided to sell his NASB MacArthur on E-Bay. I said, “How much do you want for it?” He kind of hemmed and hawed, and I told him I know you can hardly touch a brand new one for under $65. He said it’s like new, he barely used it because he quickly discovered he prefers the NKJV. I said, “You wouldn’t go as low as $40, would you?” He said, “How about $45?” I said, “You’ve got a deal!”

I quickly paid him the cash, and I now have in my possession one of the few Bibles I have “always” wanted, a real, genuine leather MacArthur Study Bible in the NASB translation.

I just had to tell you all about that. 😉