My wife and I both have noticed our little dog, Kiwi, is seemingly in pain when she get up from laying on the floor. She limps and staggers for a few moments, stretches painfully, and then seems more normal. She’s been alive for eight years now, that makes her 56 in human years, the same as us! No wonder she acts like that! I’d do the same thing if I was laying on the floor!

Poor pup, it’s only taken her eight years to get to the point that has taken me 56 years to get to. Well, that’s dog years, I guess.

I’ve been working hard at my job for almost 34 years now. It can be a hard job, physically. A lot of what I do, and have done for so many years, isn’t really all that difficult or heavy. Windshields generally don’t weigh more than about fifteen pounds, on average. But for a long time we used a tool almost exclusively, called the cold knife, which is used to cut out a windshield. The problem comes in the process of pulling the cold knife through the urethane adhesive. There gets to be a real strain on the elbow and shoulder joints, as well as in the wrists and hands. There is also the matter of setting a windshield, holding that much weight out away from your body. That has been one factor in my damaging my left shoulder gradually over the years. And then there’s the matter of climbing around on tall pickups and large semi trucks, which has done a number on my hips, legs and feet. It has all left me walking and moving like someone considerably older than my 56, almost 57, years.

I take a couple naproxen sodium pills and apply a topical analgesic to my aching muscles before going to bed. That usually gets me a few hours of sleep. Sometimes I have to take a couple Tylenol during the night as well. Still, I’m often grateful for that alarm clock at 5:45 in the morning, because I’m so sore I can’t sleep any more anyway.

Physically, I sure wish I was thirty again. But mentally and spiritually, believe me, I’d never go back there! I have grown so much since those young years! If you can stay relatively healthy, you young folks, then look forward to getting older. Cultivate your mind with Bible study! You’ll never regret it!

My grandmother, my dad’s mom, lived to be 103. At almost 57, I can hardly imagine that! But if I can get rested up, especially after retiring from this physically-demanding job, and get a bit more healthy again, perhaps my genes will let me approach that kind of age number. But if not, then I look forward to rest with the Lord when the time comes. (I hope He’ll let me take it easy for a little while before putting me to work for Him up there! 😉 )