No, I’m not talking about blogging. This I enjoy.

But I’m sure tired of working on people’s fancy new cars, being very careful I don’t do any damage, and still being socked for a big repair bill because I apparently scratched a fender a little bit. I wasn’t aware at all of any contact between my belt buckle and the fender, or any other part of my body which might have caused any scratches. Yet there are three very fine scratches on the fender of this guy’s Infiniti. I can’t explain it, but they still look like they could have been caused by my belt buckle.

But you know what? It doesn’t matter how careful I am, some people will blame us for anything, even if they know it was there before.

I’m glad it’s Friday. I can go home and forget about people’s cars, their precious babies! None of them are perfect, not one. Just like people.

And my wife called me a while ago and told me there are two water spots on the ceiling of our bedroom where the melting snow is leaking in. That means I will have to go out and pull snow off the roof again when I get home, whether it’s in the darkness or not. And whether my body will even allow me to do it any more or not. (It hurts, Mommy! It hurts!)

Anybody know how I can get paid for blogging? 😉