We have a dear friend from our church, a woman who is an Eveready Bunny – she just keeps going and going, and never says no. I understand she had a double mastectomy back some 25 years ago, before we had even met her. She became very ill at church a week ago, and spent from 3:00 Sunday afternoon until 10:00 Sunday night at the emergency room of our local hospital. All she will tell us is that they said there is something wrong with her liver and her pancreas.

My wife and I will be driving her over to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN next Tuesday, the 26th of January, where she is scheduled for a biopsy.

Evelyn has a wonderful attitude about all this. She just keeps living every day as if it were her last. She does so many good things for so many people, yet she herself is not at all well-to-do. She works with a group called Modern Woodmen, raising money for good causes; she takes it on herself to organize fund-raisers for people who have been stricken with cancer and other terrible diseases. Even over the last couple weeks, when she herself has been feeling very poorly, she has been picking her sister up and taking her to church (her sister is now using a walker) and taking her home again. Evelyn is the epitome of the perfect volunteer.

Evelyn’s husband has had his own dealings with cancer. He can no longer drive and is now pretty much confined to their modest home. Her son is a college professor living up in the Twin Cities. Though he has told her to let him know if she needs him for anything, she won’t call on him for any help unless she has to have surgery.

We are afraid Evelyn’s cancer has returned. The biopsy should tell us if this is true or not. Please keep Evelyn and her family in your prayers over the coming days and weeks.