I’ve just been reading a news article that says the Democrats are considering “other options” even one called the “Nuclear Option”, to get the “Obamacare” health care bill passed if the Republican Scott Brown wins the Massachusetts Senate special election today. They claim there are certain procedures they can use to get around the fact that they will no longer have the necessary votes to pass it through the Senate.

In other words, they are so convinced that they, as superior liberals, will do whatever they have to do to pass their liberal agenda whether it is the will of the people or not. They don’t care if the people of the United States are against it, they think they are so superior, so sophisticated, so caring and knowledgeable, that what they think is the best thing for the country must become law, because they know what is best for us.

I am absolutely incredulous that any American would put their own political agenda over not only the will of the people but the Constitution as well.

All I can say is that if these Dems try any such shenanigans, we the people will boot them out of office so fast their heads will spin. And we will also make sure that this “law” they have passed will be stricken from the law books. (In fact, they better be looking over their shoulders, because they have already shown their true colors, and even if they do back down and the bill doesn’t pass, they are sure to be voted out in the next election.)

They need to realize that what they are now trying to do is going to foment the biggest uprising against the federal government that this country has seen since the Civil War. They need to back down and give in to the will of the people. The Constitution gives us, the people of these United States, the right to overthrow any government which tries to destroy our freedoms, which is exactly what these people are trying to do.