…for moving people in Massachusetts to get out and vote for what they believe is right.

In my humble opinion, the election of Scott Brown to the “Kennedy” seat in the Senate is a stinging rebuke to Obama and the Democrats. It is a message sent by the voters of Massachusetts which is meant to tell the Democrats that the time is now to back off on their push to make this great country a western version of the European socialist countries. It is a message to the Democrats to stop messing around with the Constitution and take it the way it was written.

It is a message to the Democrats that we, the people, are paying attention.

And it is a message to the Democrats to put them on notice that their time in Washington may be nearing its end.

Most importantly, it’s a message from the American people to the federal government that says, “Don’t tread on me!”

Now is the time for Republicans to start clearly articulating to the American people the real Ronald Reagan Republican philosophy of lower taxes, more productivity, less government, and a strong national defense.