I’ve been spending a little time this morning reading some of the political blogs and news sources concerning what some are calling the “Boston Massacre”, the election a couple days ago of Republican Scott Brown to the Kennedy Senate seat from Massachusetts. Robert Knight, guest columnist at OneNewsNow, puts it like this:

The message Tuesday out of the Bay State was clear: Don’t mess with our healthcare. Stop spending trillions of dollars. Stop trying to turn the United States into…East Germany.

His article contains this image:

…Tikkun’s website accuses Obama of morphing into an “inside the Beltway pragmatist.” Apparently, Obama should have skipped socialism altogether and raised the red flag with a star on it.

You understand that imagery, don’t you? It’s an allusion to the old Soviet Union and China, with their red flags and stars. The idea is that Obama should have skipped socialism and gone straight to communism.

Which brings me to the point of this post. Since red is supposed to be the “color of communism”, and liberals have long been accused of being “pinkos”, referring to at least a partial preference for that political philosophy, why is it when we have elections in this country the places which vote for the Democrats/liberals are colored in blue? Why not red? Is it because it would be too obvious, too offensive?

Perhaps it would be too accurate.

The Dems should hoist a pink flag with a red star on it, or perhaps a red flag with a pink star.

Ronald Reagan remodeled the oval office, as each president is allowed to do, by adding deep blue coloring here and there. I think it looked really sharp. He didn’t change it to red, the so-called Republican color used on the election maps, he went with blue.

It seems to me back when I first started paying real attention to national elections, the “election night coverage” usually showed the Republican states in blue, and the Democrats in red. Then somehow in the last twenty years or so it was reversed. Red states, red counties, red districts…that meant Republican.

I think it’s time now to switch back. Let the Dems have their red, or pink. Let the Republicans have a beautiful, deep blue. I think it’s only appropriate.