If you don’t want to read about this any more, that’s OK, I understand.

My wife insisted that we watch the spectacle last night. I didn’t want to; I get so sick of garbage like that. I have more important things to do, like study my Bible, of course! But she insisted, because as she said, if you don’t watch, then everybody can say you don’t know what you’re talking about because you didn’t…watch, that is. Besides, TV programming has gotten so bad over just the last few months that the State of the Union Address was probably more entertaining than just about anything else on the boob tube.

So here is my impression – WHAT A LOT OF HOT AIR!

The guy is so out of touch with the people of this country it’s pathetic. He’s so arrogant; he’s so dictatorial; he’s so wrong! Even his own party knows it!

And the silly platitude about Republicans’ blocking his agenda not being leadership … that’s how the government was set up to run! It’s got checks and balances written right into the constitution. You don’t get to run roughshod over everybody just because you believe your agenda is right. No, you’ve got to convince enough people, even people in your own party, that your agenda is right and must be voted for. And even members of his own party won’t support some of what he says.

And since when has the government created jobs? If you want jobs, get the government out of it! Cut taxes! Promote the right environment so businesses will create the jobs, not the government!

The president is delusional. He needs to go back and take courses in American History and Democracy 101.