I did it. I started a new blog.

I can’t help it, I just had to use that name. I couldn’t let it pass without using it.

I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with that blog, except with a name like that it has to be a humor blog. But I’m gonna try and keep it clean. After all, look where I come from! (Take that for what it’s worth, I guess.)

This has me feeling kinda nutty today. I’m remembering the fun my brother Kevin and i had when we were kids, being so goofy.

Anyway, you can go to Waxing Gibbons and take a look around. Read the one post I have there already, and take a gander at the “About me and this blog” page. I don’t know how long I will use that theme; I’m not a big one for narrow blogs. But I love that picture! I think the goofy old bus goes well with the wacky title. Besides, I’m not planning on having much of a blogroll or other links; but I may change my mind. That is my prerogative as a woman blogger, isn’t it?