As you know, (or should know!) today is Ground Hog Day. It’s the day when the ground hog comes out of its den and, if he sees his shadow, we are in for six more weeks of winter. And if he doesn’t see his shadow, then we’re in for only a month and a half of winter.

Or something like that!

Well, I was watching the Weather Channel this morning at the time, and I can tell you, that ground hog doesn’t come out of his den, he’s pulled out! But I was amazed at how good natured old Punxatawney Phil was. Why you could almost see him smile (if a ground hog can actually smile!) as he was held up to the cameras for all the world to see. The gentlemen in the black coats and top hats conferred with Phil, and shortly came the announcement: their furry friend had seen his shadow! Six more weeks of winter!

A while later I heard the folks on Fox News saying that since it was cloudy in Punxatawney this morning, he wouldn’t have seen his shadow at all if it weren’t for all those television camera lights that were shining at him!

Oh well, spring will be here soon, and you know what spring means, don’t you? Spring is that time when a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of…baseball!