It’s been a little while, maybe a couple weeks, since I started my humor blog, “Waxing Gibbons”. I haven’t written there in eight days now, and the last three days it has seen zero hits – nichts! zippo! nada! I thought it would be easier keeping such a blog going, especially when I consider the way we “cut up” here at work, and how my daughter and I enjoy our puns.

I know, I can’t expect anybody to come and read when I don’t write, right? I have a post that’s churning around in my head, about the Marx Brothers. But it’s going to take quite a bit of work, and I don’t really have the time, nor the willingness, to write it right now.

I also started another blog, a private one, just for me and my co-worker, so we could try and keep track of our difficult and unusual windshield jobs and record how things are done, because we’re both getting old and we don’t always remember how we did things if we don’t do another one for a few months. I have one windshield installation recorded there, and even though we’ve had a couple others since then that were worthy of being thusly recorded, I just haven’t gotten around to it. (a round tuit?)

Anyway, I’m thinking of deleting that private blog, and even thinking of deleting Waxing Gibbons and moving those few posts over here to this blog. It seems I have a hard time keeping more than one blog going. I don’t like to divide my efforts.

I’ll accept whatever advice you all might offer, and when I finally come to a decision I’ll post it on this blog.