On the O’Reilly Factor at Fox News, Bill O’Reilly, speaking of the Tea Party and their opposition to things the Obama Administration wants to do, writes:

So many Americans simply oppose those things, and you are not an extremist if you do so; you’re a concerned citizen.

But if you threaten violence, if you traffic in racism, if you call the president of the United States a communist, those are extremist positions.

In the end, the Tea Party will rise and fall on well-thought-out policy and being able to persuade their fellow citizens they have solutions to complicated problems.

The left-wing media is gunning for the Tea Party, and it will be fascinating to see how the conflict turns out.

Threaten violence = extremist

Traffic in racism = extremist

Call the president a communist? Is that extremist if it’s the truth?

Now I’m not saying Obama is a communist. True, he has some ideology that is definitely socialist if not Marxist. But he’s not a communist, he’s a Democrat. He will not admit to being a communist; of course, that wouldn’t be good politics now, would it?

Still, my question stands. Is it extremist to call the president a communist if it’s the truth?

I enjoy watching and reading Bill O’Reilly. I certainly don’t always agree with him, but he and his show are entertaining and thought-provoking. But Bill tends to lean towards a point of view that says everybody’s OK, everybody’s really basically moderate if they’re Americans. They get up in the morning, put their pants on one leg at a time, go to work, come home, take their pants off one leg at a time, go to sleep, then wake up and do it all over again. We’re all Americans, right Bill?

Bill seems to think that anyone who departs from the very center of the road is an extremist.

The problem is, over the past 40 years or so, the leftists in this country have been redefining the middle of the road, moving it so far to the left that even good, conservative Americans like Ronald Reagan are considered extremists. I ask you, do YOU think that Reagan was an extremist? But that is what the left would have us believe.

The left would have us believe that Barack Obama’s Marxist beliefs are “middle of the road”. They would have us believe that socialism is centrist, and that it’s what the American people really need, whether we want it or not.

Are you concerned about Marxism in the White House, and in Congress, and in the Judiciary? Are you concerned?

Or are you just a right-wing extremist?