Within the last day, four of the five people (including me!) who work here at this shop have suddenly come down with a cold. I of course immediately went on OTC medications to try and control mine, so it doesn’t turn to bronchitis or pneumonia. The meds are helping me breathe, but are not allowing me to sleep well, and I am quite aware that my mind is not quite what it should be (more than usual!).

We’re all walking around here like zombies!

I usually try not to blog too much when I get sick, because I know it can affect how clearly I think and therefore how much sense I make when I write. But it just so happens that we’re not overly busy today, and so I am drawn to the computer, with expected results!

So far it’s not a bad cold, not a deep, soul-wrenching cold that progresses quickly to pneumonia. No, this is just a light cold, the kind I rarely get. Hopefully it will respond well to the meds and I will be over it in short order.

Anyway, if I don’t make any sense here, or in comments on your blog, over the next couple days, you now know why.

(By the way, did my last post make any sense? I think it was fine, but then, I’ve got a cold.)