I posted earlier this week about Brea, a 16-17 year old girl who is in our church, who has lived nearly her entire life in a wheelchair. Our pastor had announced to the congregation last Sunday that it appeared that Brea was living her last day, and he left the service early to go and be with the family.

We heard nothing in the ensuing days about Brea. All we could do is assume that she was still hanging on, and we expected every day to find out that she had passed from this world into the next.

Last night we got news through our church prayer chain that Brea is not only still with us, but has improved greatly! Her oxygen level had dropped as low as 20, but had rebounded to 60, and she is awake and alert, and smiling. And for a girl who has gone through what she has in her short life, that’s very good!

UPDATE – I didn’t make it very clear when I posted this. It was announced Sunday in church that while Brea improved, and lived through the week, it is still thought that she is dying, that these are still the final days of her life on this earth. So keep praying for Brea and her whole family, especially her twin sister, who it has been said is having a very hard time dealing with this.