I guess you can’t say I’m afraid of change!

I decided the time had come. Sure, the old theme had a nice, clean, professional look to it. But it’s part of my nature to want more color, especially blue. Black is just black. It’s not much of a color, in my humble opinion (no offense to my African-American brothers and sisters). My eyes abhor too much black; I need colors, but mostly soft, muted colors. And that’s what this “Ocean Mist” theme has in spades.

Besides, too many other bloggers are using that “INove” theme. I have a need to be different.

This is a theme I hadn’t tried before. I’d looked at it occasionally, but never really gave it the old college try. Well, now I have. I hope you find it as eye-pleasing as I do. But if you don’t, well, just stick around. I’ll probably change it again in a short time.

Update: The picture at the top is of two loons in the sunset, taken in northern Minnesota, and is from Northern Images Photography, the website of Christian photographer Dennis O’Hara of Duluth, Minnesota.