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This coming Monday, March 1, my wife and I will be driving over to Rochester, MN once again to take our dear friend Evelyn to the Mayo Clinic for some more tests. Fortunately this time her appointment is not quite so early in the morning! However, we anticipate that this will be a longer visit; we will probably be in the fine Mayo machinery until late afternoon before they let us out.

Evelyn has a follow-up appointment the following day, Tuesday, March 2, around 3:00 in the afternoon, but she is absolutely intent upon returning home to Mankato Monday evening rather than staying overnight in Rochester. We figure that’s OK; it’s only about an hour and a half to and from Rochester. But while I will be taking off from work on Monday for that appointment, I will be working the full day on Tuesday. So my wife, along with one or two friends from church, will be taking Evelyn over to Rochester Tuesday afternoon to get the results of Monday’s tests.

It has been predicted that the weather will be good both days, with high temps in the mid-20s and sunshine. However, with our deep snow-pack this year the possibility does exist that we could get some nasty thick fog in the early hours Monday morning, which could slow us down pretty drastically. And besides that, it’s downright dangerous!

So please remember us in your prayers as we travel east once again to help out our dear friend.

This is also to let you know that I won’t be here at the Sundry Times until Tuesday morning.