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I should have posted this earlier today, but we’ve been busy. I guess that’s what happens when one of us takes a day off.

Everything went well for us in Rochester at the Mayo Clinic yesterday. We just flew through all of Evelyn’s appointments! We got there most of an hour early, and at the first appointment they called her back less than ten minutes after we sat down to wait. This was just for a blood test, like they do routinely at just about any medical center anywhere. But they do it like factory work over there at Mayo.

That put us an hour ahead of her second appointment. We just stopped there at that desk to ask if it would be OK for her to grab a little breakfast, but the lady behind the desk grabbed her paperwork and scanned it into the computer, and when we asked she said, “Oh no, you have to stay here now. You’re checked in!” That was a bit of a surprise, but we sat down, and not three minutes later they called her back, and ten minutes later she was out with us again! I’m not sure what that test was, but it sure was quick! Now we had two hours to kill before the next test, so we checked with a nurse (or whatever she was) and she said it’s OK for Evie to eat lightly. So down we went to the cafeteria.

My wife and I grabbed a couple donuts and coffees, and Evie had some scrambled eggs and a couple slices of bacon, and we sat and ate…and sat…and sat. My wife said, “Let’s go up to her next test on the 18th floor and see if she can get in early for that one, too.” So up the express elevator we went!

Evie got checked in, and she sat down, and not three minutes later they called her name. My wife and I sat and waited for her about a half hour before she came out. This one was a pulmonary test where they tested her breathing.

Now it was shortly after ten a.m., and her last test wasn’t scheduled until 2:00 p.m. We wandered the halls of the Gonda building for a bit, and then decided to go outside and wander the streets of Rochester. It was 28 degrees out by then, but it was still pretty cold. We walked a couple blocks down a pedestrian mall to a shopping mall and went inside to warm up and see what we could find. We found lots of expensive stuff! But we weren’t exactly rolling in the dough, so we headed back towards the Clinic buildings, hoping we’d find a little cafe or restaurant where we could grab a bite for lunch. But downtown Rochester isn’t exactly conducive to such a thing at the price we were hoping for, so we decided to eat in the cafeteria once again.

We got done eating our sandwich and potato salad / Swedish meatballs over egg noodles and headed out through the tunnels to Methodist Hospital for Evie’s final test, an injection and an X-ray. We arrived at her 2:00 appointment at just after noon. The nice lady behind the desk said we could sit and wait if we want, but she couldn’t guarantee that Evie could get called early, so we could be waiting a long time. Lo and behold, she was called back at 12:30! We sat and waited an hour and a half, and out she came again. We had to wait a bit longer to make sure the X-ray turned out OK, and then we were allowed to depart.

We arrived back here in Mankato around 4:00 pm, filled the gas tank on the car, and headed over to the local funeral home for a visitation, after which we took Evelyn home and headed to our own home as well.

This afternoon, while I have been working here at the shop and trying to get this post done for you, my wife and a friend from church took Evelyn back over to Rochester for the results of yesterday’s tests. I am happy to tell you that we are rejoicing right now, as the tests show no cancer! The doctors say they’ll keep an eye on it, of course, but for now it’s great news!

Now, one final item for you today. It seems sometime in the recent past, Rochester had some kind of a winter carnival, which included some ice carving competition. And here is a novelty we found out on that pedestrian mall, that I thought you all might be interested in:

Now, wouldn’t it be nice to have a place like this to sit on some hot summer afternoon?