A couple posts on a couple blogs recently, particularly this one from my friend Jeff at Scripture Zealot have prodded me to once again take up my Holman CSB and read.

A couple years ago I bought a HCSB Hand Size Giant Print Bible in black imitation leather, and I used it heavily for several months. While I at first was very impressed by the freshness of this new translation, I was eventually put off a bit by some of its unusual renderings, and since other translations beckoned, I quit using the HCSB.

But I always remembered the very nice printing of that Bible on the very white pages, the surprise of finding a sewn binding on such a cheap Bible, and being pleasantly surprised at the good feel and durability of the imitation leather cover. I also remembered the unfortunate gold-stained page edging. (Ah, but it is a cheap Bible.)

Picking up my HCSB last night, I find that nothing has changed. It’s still a fresh translation. I think I will make a concerted effort to use this Bible for a while. I need my mind refreshed!

By the way, in the HCSB Hand Size Giant Print Bible you get a lot of Bible for the money, whether you buy bonded leather or imitation leather. And it’s such a good size! It’s amazing what a big, clear type font they can get in such a small Bible! And the cross-references and notes are quite easily read even though they’re smaller than the text. This Bible is still quite available from numerous retailers, so check them out!