What could be better on a sunny day
than watchin’ the Twins winnin’ all the way
and sittin’ in the stands and shoutin’ hurray!
with a hot dog…Schweigert Hot Dog!

It’s the one you get
when you’re at the Met.
And goin’ to the ball game is great fun!
And Schweigert…makes it better!

Ah, I can just see them resurrecting that old commercial! It was announced today that the new vendor for hot dogs at the NEW Met…er, uh, I mean Target Field, will be Schweigert Meats, a company with long roots in Minnesota.

Schweigert replaces Minnesota’s own Hormel, the makers of the Dome Dogs sold at the Metrodome.

The Schweigert Dugout Dogs will be sold by vendors carrying the hot dogs up and down the aisles wearing throw-back outfits reminiscent of the ones worn at the old Metropolitan Stadium. Also available at a number of locations around the stadium will be longer hot dogs known as “Dinger Dogs”, named for a slang term for a “home run”.

It looks like it’s gonna be a fun summer!

UPDATE! I see by the Twins press release that there will also be two other hot dogs served at the stadium. Here’s what it says:

The first, the Original Twins Dog, will be a blast from the past. With a mix of traditional pork and beef, it will be the same recipe as the hot dogs served at Metropolitan Stadium. The Original Twins Dog will be served at many of the ballpark’s concession stands.

To replace the famous Dome Dog, which won’t be following the club to its new ballpark, there will be the quarter-pound all-beef Twins Big Dog. It will be served at portable grills and select concession stands.