We just got word this morning that the Minnesota Twins All-star closer Joe Nathan has a torn ligament in his elbow. While he wants to rest it and do some physical therapy and see if he’s going to be able to pitch with it, those in the know say this could be a season-ending injury which will probably require “Tommy John” surgery. It’s bad news for Joe, what with the Twins getting ready to start their first season in their beautiful new stadium with a slightly revamped team; he is really bummed about the possibility he won’t be able to pitch this year.

But it’s also bad news for the Twins, who were hoping they could count on Joe to close out many games again this year. Team management is now turning their thoughts to who they can use as a closer this season if and when it becomes necessary. They will be looking at the guys they have in camp to see if there’s anybody who could do the job. It’s hard to know if any of their pitchers has the talent and the mental make-up necessary for that kind of pitching. If they come up empty, they will probably start looking outside the organization for help.

Whoever they come up with, I know it won’t be me. I’m a little bit out of shape, and I haven’t been able to throw the baseball sixty feet six inches with any speed faster than 40 mph for about thirty years.

How about you? Can you pitch? The Twins might come a-calling!