It’s the bane of my existence!

I pick up a Bible I’m not familiar with, and start reading in the Gospels and soon my eyes are assaulted by that awful red ink! Actually, more often it’s pink ink, and that’s even worse!

Most of my Bibles are red letter, but I have a few black letter Bibles: my MacArthur Study Bibles (both NASB and NKJV), my New Oxford Annotated Bible (NRSV), and my TNIV Reference Bible. Everything else has that red ink cancer!

I’m enjoying my TNIV Reference Bible a lot lately. One thing I enjoy most about it is the lack of red ink. But you know, the TNIV RB has a slightly small type font, and my eyes get tired of it after while, and so I pick up my TNIV XL. Ahhh, that’s a nice, relatively large font! But then I start running across some funny pink words, and it’s hard to read, and it’s hard on my tired eyes!

So I pick up my NASB Giant Print Reference Bible. Now that’s a nice big font! And it’s dark, too! Unfortunately it’s got that red ink, too, but at least it’s dark red ink.

I just don’t get it. Some people are absolutely adamant that Bibles should all be red letter. Even if they understand that God didn’t exactly write them that way, it still makes sense to them that Jesus’ words should be in red. I guess I must be a heretic, because I think they should all be in black.

So it’s a matter of personal preference, right? So why don’t they make all Bibles available either way? Obviously there are cost concerns. It’s going to be cheaper to make all of a particular model of Bible the same way, rather than two different versions. But why, oh why, does red letter have to be the default for so many Bibles? Why not make them black letter by default and make red letter available if people want them that way? It makes sense to me, am I that unusual?

All I can say is that when those people who make the red letter Bibles get old, they’ll be happy to have black letter available so they can actually read it!