In his latest post, Al Mohler gives us these important words about the debate that’s going on in Congress, and indeed across the country:

Americans may disagree on virtually every dimension of this health care bill, but there is now about far more than health care. As Rep. Stupak asserts, “This is life we’re talking about.” Unless adequate protections for the unborn are added to this bill, we are indeed witnessing a radical turn in this nation’s moral character. Time is running out. The adoption of adequate protections for the unborn should be beyond debate.

Rep. Stupak’s words bear repeating, over and over again. “This is life we’re talking about.”


I have refrained from extended comment on the health care reform bills — not because I do not have multiple concerns about the bills, but because I recognize that committed Christians can and will disagree over the political and policy issues involved. The trip-wire for me is the issue of human life. The current bill spells disaster when it comes to abortion. I cannot remain silent in this crucial moment where the sanctity of human life is at stake.

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