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Why do so many Bible manufacturers think that everybody who reads the Bible has good eyes?

I think the worst one I’m usually looking for is the NRSV. I don’t know about the expensive ones from Great Britain. I’m talking about the more normal American Bibles from Harper and so on. It’s so hard to find just a regular 66-book NRSV with a decent bonded leather cover in a font size of 9-10-11 pt. Most of the ones I’ve found have a size of 7-8 pt.

I do like the fact that most NRSVs don’t have red letter. I don’t know why that is, except that the NRSV is so well-accepted by the academia that they don’t want to give Jesus’ words any special honor by making them red. Personally I don’t want to dishonor Christ’s words by making them hard-to-read.

I have found a NRSV Bible with a soft “leatherflex” cover, and what is supposed to be 9-pt. font. But it has the Apocrypha, which I don’t want or need. But I am seriously considering getting it anyway, just so I can have an easy-to-carry-and-use NRSV.

And take a look at the TNIV. I think the largest font you can get with that Bible is 9-pt. They apparently got so into the idea that they were making a “young people’s Bible” that it was assumed that old people (like ME!) with less-then-perfect eyesight wouldn’t buy it at all. Then something funny happened, and some of us old fogeys took a look and decided we actually like this new revision!

However, with the “new” NIV coming out next year, I seriously hope that Zondervan et al will continue their regular NIV offerings, which have always included Bibles with a good-size easy-to-read type font. That way when I go to the Bible store they won’t look at me like I’m from Mars when I ask for a large-print NIV Bible. (Of course, they’ll still look at me like I’m an old guy.)

And there’s also the good folks at Crossway, whose ESV Bibles usually have printing that’s just barely big enough. And if you get one with cross-references or text notes they are still too small to read. At least Crossway is a good one for making both red-letter and black-letter Bibles available!

Well, so much for an old man’s ranting this afternoon. I hope this post is big enough for everybody to read now…