I seem to be back from the dead sick. The grip the alien had on me, physically and mentally, has loosened. I feel like I have been fighting something, a virus I think, for a couple weeks or more. But now I feel like that little alien has either died or left my body. I feel pretty good today, and my mind seems clearer than it has in several weeks.

I went home at noon on Monday with the intention of using the time off to rest up a bit and also to attend my youngest daughter’s final school conference of her senior year. I wasn’t feeling well at all, and when we got done with the conference my wife took our daughter and her boyfriend out to the mall, while I went home and collapsed in my recliner. As evening approached I decided I just wasn’t up to eating any supper, and so I severely limited my intake of food and medicine and went to bed at my usual hour.

Tuesday morning I got up feeling poorly and went downhill from there. I got down to the shop and turned on the computer, went and looked over the work for the day, sat down at the computer and shut it off and called my co-worker to let him know I was going home.

Why, I didn’t even make any coffee that morning! And if you know me, you know that’s bad!

So I went home yesterday morning and lay in my recliner. I drifted in and out of sleep through the morning and much of the afternoon. By evening I was starting to feel a bit better and was hungry. My wife bought me a roast beef sandwich and a Dr. Pepper from Arbies, and I ate it hungrily. I got brave by bedtime and took my usual Tylenol, and actually made up the coffee maker before going to bed, hoping I’d feel like drinking it in the morning. (I know, that’s not a good way to make coffee, but sometimes convenience wins out, you know.)

I woke up this morning feeling somewhat better. I flipped the switch on the coffee maker and proceeded as if I were back to normal, except I didn’t eat as much as I normally do for breakfast. My tummy still felt a little bit icky, but I came to work and acted like everything was fine, and now, a few hours later, I feel pretty much back to normal. In fact, as I already said, my mind seems clearer than it has in quite some time. That has to be a sign, a good one! The alien is gone, I think!

What a beautiful day!