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I don’t know that it was very vicious, but it was one of those things.

I started out late yesterday morning reading Mark’s gospel from the ESV. Pretty soon I was thinking I didn’t care for the archaic language and the odd word order. I wanted something in more contemporary English. So I switched to my TNIV XL, but that has fairly light red ink for “the words of Christ”, so I switched to my TNIV Reference Bible. That one is black letter. But it’s single column and slightly smaller print than the TNIV XL. I always seem to have some difficulty with that single column of text – it’s wide enough that when I get to the end of a line of text and come back to the left side I have a hard time picking up the correct line.

OK, so the TNIV RB is now out, and I pick up my NASB Giant Print Personal-size Reference Bible. It’s a wonderful Bible! It’s the right size, the ink is dark and the print is a good size, but it’s red letter again, and…the cover is almost falling off because I’ve used it so heavily and the bonded leather just can’t take it any more.

So I switch over to my NASB MacArthur Study Bible. It’s got a very nice genuine leather cover, and it’s black letter, but the font is slightly faint and smallish (the notes are even smaller) and this thing is heavy – it’s like a brick! And to be honest, even the updated 1995 NASB text isn’t always the easiest to read and understand.

So now I pick up my NIV Study Bible, copyright 2002. It’s got nice, dark print, a good size font, and the easy-to-understand NIV text along with very good study notes. But it’s red letter, and it’s got a bonded leather cover. It’s also just about as big and thick as the MacArthur, and I really prefer the TNIV text over the NIV.

So where did that leave me? Back with my TNIV XL, bonded leather cover, red letters, page indexing and all.

When they come out with the new NIV next year, I hope I can find a Bible that’s exactly what I want. 😉

(By the way, I managed to read through Mark 12 despite all that switching!)