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I’ve been on Facebook for a time now – not a long time, but a while. I tried it last year for a while and was overwhelmed by all the email notifications I got, and quickly deactivated my account. This time I have hung on quite a bit longer. I got past that initial volume of notifications, and then discovered quickly that some people’s invitations to join them at certain places, like Farmland or some such, was not what I wanted to do either. Since I have been unable to figure out how to get rid of those things, I have learned to make lots of use of the “Ignore” button.

I’m still on Facebook. Why? Because I have discovered that, in spite of all the useless places and games, it is an important tool. I have reconnected with quite a number of my old high school classmates, most of whom I would probably have never found otherwise. I have found out important news about some of their lives and relationships, even that some are walking with the Lord whom I would never have expected, and I praise and thank Him for that!

I have gotten to know some of my old classmates far better than I would have ever gotten to know them if I just saw them every five or ten years at a class reunion.

It’s like there are at least a couple levels of Facebook. You have the up front and visible garbage you see on your home page and “news feed”, all the talk, arguments, and silly games. But underneath there is a more personal, more private level where people can really talk and get to know each other.

Sure, that can be done on email, discussion boards, and even blogging. But a lot of these people I probably would have never even run into without Facebook. And I’m talking about people I knew back when I was a kid – people I played with and went to school with.

Facebook is, really is, a good tool. I won’t be deactivating my account soon after all.

(But if you want me to join you in Farmland or on some Mafia game, don’t be surprised if I start ignoring you! 😉 )