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Just to let you know I could use a little prayer today, if you wouldn’t mind sending one up for me.

I’ve had to deal with back pain for many years. In fact, I’m on my second regular chiropractor after the first one died. (No, he didn’t die from treating me. 😉 )

I haven’t been in to see him since last July, an incredibly long period of time compared with the way my back used to be. I used to go to the chiropractor at least once a month, and more often if I was having problems. Then I discovered my new chiropractor, who is really good with the Activator. I also started walking regularly, which did a lot to strengthen my lower back muscles and prevent a lot of the trouble I used to have with my back.

Well, my back has been feeling a little bit “iffy” for several weeks, and I’ve been telling myself that I need to get in and see Dr. Kuch. But you know, as long as it didn’t actually give out, it was easy to put it off for days and weeks…maybe even months.

This morning I drove up to a neighborhood just south of where I live to replace a door glass in a old Toyota pickup. I told the lady I couldn’t work in her tight little garage, that I’d need the truck outside on the driveway. She said she couldn’t drive it because it has a clutch, and I said that’s no problem, I can drive it. So I got in and lifted my foot up to push the clutch in, backed the pickup out, and then when I tried to get out I could barely move because of the sudden pain in my lower back!

That was a twinge like I hadn’t felt in a couple years!

Well, I carefully eased myself out of the driver’s seat and stood up, stretching my back muscles and moving back and forth a bit. I determined that I could probably continue, and finish my installation of the doorglass, but I knew the time had come and I would have to do something, today, if at all possible.

I finished up the doorglass without too much more pain and headed back to the shop. I checked the schedule and saw that I didn’t have another job until 11:00 am, an hour and 20 minutes away. I called Dr. Kuch and asked his receptionist if there was any way I could possibly get in and see him for a treatment in the next hour or so. She looked a moment, and said, “How about 10:00?” I said, “I’ll be there!” That was only 15 minutes away.

As I signed in, I was amazed to see on the sign-in sheet that the last time I was there was in July last year! I couldn’t hardly believe it, but my back has really been that good recently.

Dr. Kuch skillfully manipulated my back, and in short order I was out of his office with the instructions to ice my back when I get home this evening and to come back and see him on Friday.

My back is still a little tender and quite touchy. I have to be very careful how I move and how much I try to lift. But a little ice and a good night’s rest should help it feel much better by tomorrow – hopefully!

Even though I expect to be feeling quite a bit better tomorrow, and even better Friday, I still appreciate your prayers sent heavenward.

Oh, and the title of this post? You remember the little goy on the TV show “Fantasy Island”? Tatoo, I think his name was. At the beginning of every show during the theme music, they’d show an airplane coming in for a landing on the island, and Tatoo would always say, “The plane, boss! The plane!” Remember?