It wasn’t too long ago that when I got on the computer and slid on over to the internet, I would spend hours and hours doing all sorts of stuff, especially reading and writing on discussion boards and blogs. I would sit here even when I had other far more important things that I needed to do. (I still tend to do that at times!) And when the time came for me to shut the dumb thing down and go home, I had a really, really hard time doing it. I suppose I was addicted.

So what am I telling you today…that I can take it or leave it?

Well…no, not really. The internet is an amazing tool and source of information and entertainment. But to hang on the computer for hour after hour after hour to the detriment of your relationships with other people, and to your job, that just isn’t healthy.

The internet is a tool. It’s a tool I gladly use, frequently. I spend a lot of time here, in fact.

Now this afternoon I am leaving work at noon so I can take my daughter to participate in the performance of an anti-violence puppet show at a nearby daycare facility. She’s a fine young actress, who takes a lot of pride in her performance. I will most likely not be on the internet the rest of the day and evening. I will not return here until tomorrow morning.

And I don’t expect to suffer too many withdrawal pains.

You see, I can take it or leave it.

Sort of.