I was sitting in my recliner last night watching the Twins play the Cleveland Indians, the front door was open with the window on the storm door opened to let in some cool air, and Kiwi was laying on her blanket just enjoying the quiet evening. –>

All of a sudden Kiwi jumped up and ran to the door, barking and snarling, as violent as I have ever seen her! What on earth was she so upset about??? Was it a Cub Scout selling popcorn? Was it a college kid selling magazines? Was it a couple Mormons? Was it a Democrat campaigning? She kept looking out the door and barking, so I got up and walked over to the door and looked out. There, across the yard, ran a big cat…I mean a BIG cat! It apparently had been on our front deck, or Kiwi wouldn’t have gotten so upset. For that matter, she wouldn’t have even seen it because she can’t see over the bottom of the window out into the yard from where she was laying.

This cat must have been twice the size of Kiwi, that means it must have weighed 35-40 pounds! At first I thought it might be a cougar, but this cat had long hair and a black tail.

All I can figure out is it must have been a big domestic long-hair cat, a “fat cat” so to speak. Unless it was a cross between a cougar and a domestic cat. Can they do that?

Then I realized that my wife wasn’t home from her shopping yet, and I hoped she wouldn’t be confronted by some big cougar on the deck when she came home. But I saw the cat running off, and it didn’t seem too interested in a serious confrontation with our fierce toy fox terrier, so I figured it was gone. But who knows where? I’ll be curious if it shows its face in our neighborhood again.