Nobody’s writing, so I guess I better. Gotta get things started.

Actually, I’ve just read everything I wanted to read, and nobody, of those whose blogs I regularly read, has written anything for a couple hours. Beside’s, I’ve been busy doin’ other things. It bugs me to come back to the computer after working for a few hours only to discover nobody has written anything.

But enough of that light-hearted shilly-shally.

I just don’t have a whole lot to talk about today. We’re busy puttin’ in windshields, and in a little while my co-worker and I will be taking off for a town some forty miles from here to do another one. Then it’s back here to do a couple more before the day is over.

I just feel like I’m cruisin’ today. Not thinkin’ about much, just doin’ my job. Some days we get involved in all sorts of discussions around here about Bible translations, and theological questions, and who believes what and who is teaching what. But I can’t think that hard every day. Can you?

When I get done here today I’ll head on home, trim the grass around the house and the trees, and anywhere else it is growing up and the lawnmower won’t get it – my lovely wife was so sweet and wonderful that she mowed the lawn today, for the first time since the snow melted – then I’ll take a shower, eat some supper, and sit down in my recliner to watch our Twins take on the Tigers in the second game of their series in Detroit.

Well, it looks like lunch has arrived – gotta go!