I have just noticed a link to my blog from the Common English Bible site, from their “Endorsements” page. It seems they saw what I wrote about the CEB some days ago when I was more positively inclined towards the CEB. They latched on to it and copied it onto their website. It makes it look like I wholeheartedly endorse the CEB.

Too bad they didn’t copy what I wrote about it later. I think if one reads my later posts concerning the CEB, one will have to agree that I do not endorse that translation any more. I found certain theological problems with the translation, and can no longer endorse it.

I guess that’s what I get for writing about something like that before I finalize my conclusions. I was sort of straddling the fence, and they caught me before I made a final decision.

But to be honest, look at how long I refused to endorse the ESV, and even criticized it heavily. One could conclude that I would never endorse the ESV, but today I am actually doing so. There was a time when I endorsed the NLT as well, but now I no longer do. I guess the people at the CEB just happened to catch me at the right time for their purposes. I’m sure it probably happens to every blogger who tries to endorse certain translations and then later on changes his mind.

I hope the people who see my endorsement at the CEB website click on the link and come here and read what else I have now said about the CEB. Then they’ll get the rest of the story.