It’s a busy day again here at the shop. I’m fortunate that I have a short time that I can devote to the blog, so I’ll sit here and try and think of something to write.

We have a very windy day here in southern Minnesota, with temps staying cool through the day and probably dropping to the upper thirties tonight. That’s pretty chilly for early May. We got up to 81 yesterday afternoon, but they aren’t predicting temps anywhere close to that for a few days.

I watched the Twins defeat the Detroit Tigers last evening in their new stadium…er, ballpark…Target Field. Early innings saw some of the heaviest rain they’ve had since they started playing there. We never had that kind of problem when they played in the old Metrodome. It was always 70 degrees and dry in there. I can remember several times attending baseball games where I would have been absolutely miserable if it weren’t for the ‘dome, particularly one cold, windy, and drizzly September afternoon. I’ll always remember two games where heavy thunderstorms went over, one containing a tornado. But the games went on, and it seemed so surreal to exit the stadium after the game to find the wet streets and cool dampness out there.

I always said the Twins needed a baseball stadium, a real baseball stadium, designed and built for baseball and only baseball, but with one caveat – it had to have a retractable roof. It was stupid to build a stadium in Minnesota that didn’t have any protection from the elements.

Well, I guess I’m sort of eating crow today. I was wrong, in a way.

We are seeing a fantastic resurgence in Twins baseball this spring, partly because they have what could be their best team ever, but just as much because of the new ballpark. Target Field is a real gem of a ballpark. Many of the players and managers of visiting teams are praising it, and even the writers from major market media have proclaimed it as one of the finest major league ballparks in existence.

But you still get wet when it rains. This is Minnesota, so it gets cold. We still might have games postponed because of snow. But boy, that ballpark is a beauty!

And the thing is, the ballpark is built. We’re not debating it any more. There is no possibility of ever putting a roof on it. The Twins are playing there, the Twins have their offices there, it IS the home of the Minnesota Twins. Nothing I can do or say will change that fact. So it’s now time to enjoy what has been built, not just accept what we cannot change.

Well, I see this generic post turned out to be about baseball. That’s fine. I don’t have a whole lot of other stuff to write about today. We’re busy, and I don’t have a lot of time. I’m spending a lot of time with my new ESV Bible these days, but haven’t found too much to write about it yet. Those days will come.

Time to get back to work. I hope you all have a great day!