I was switching the blog theme colors every day, but there were other things about that theme I didn’t like, not the least of which was the punctuation marks in the posts that were nearly invisible.

I’m still a little bit surprised, but I just wasn’t happy with that theme. I gave up, and have now switched back to this one, INove. It’s a good looking theme, very businesslike, the punctuation marks are clear, the sidebar is on the right like it’s supposed to be, and there are few things I would change about it. And that’s good, because there are few things I can change. They just don’t allow it.

Mainly, I’d like to change that black header. And I’d like to be able to put my little steaming coffee cup photo up there like it was on that other theme.

But oh well, I guess you can’t have everything.

I’m pretty happy with INove.