It’s not easy. I know it’s no excuse, but it’s not easy to know exactly how to react these days. We see the Democrats and the Obama administration in Washington systematically dismantling the American way of life, all that we hold dear in our country.

When the campaign was going on back in 2008 it was clear to me that if Obama was elected president, and if the Democrats were in power in Congress, it would be a great disaster for America. Now that the situation has been that way for a little over a year, I am stunned by how accurate my prediction was, and also by how quickly it has come to pass. And I am also amazed by how many people could not see it coming! They were blinded by this smooth-talking spell-binder! America may not survive the Obama administration. Nearly everything Obama and the Democrats do in Washington these days is proving to have horrifying consequences!

But what do we do as Christians these days? We have to be Christians first and Americans second. Do we stand idly by and watch as our beloved country is systematically dismantled by those who sit in the chairs of power in Washington? Does the Word of God prohibit us from doing anything about it because Jesus’ kingdom is not of this world?

Were Christians right to go to war back in the 1940s to fight against the Nazis in Europe and the Japanese in the Pacific?

Were Christians right to fight against England back in the 18th century in order to give us freedom and found this great country?

Are Christians right to fight against an administration that is blind to the consequences of their actions and denies that what they do will take away our freedoms?

If Jesus wanted us to live our lives with our heads in the clouds, not caring about what happens here on this earth, then I think it would be OK for us to sit here and not say anything, chanting “My kingdom is not of this world; my kingdom is not of this world; my kingdom is not of this world; my kingdom…”

No, I believe we are called to make just such a difference in this world! Believers and followers of Jesus Christ, let us fight for what is right!