A few of you, my friends, know that I am administrator of a Christian internet discussion board called Refugees in Jesus (link is in the sidebar). It is a small board with only about 30 members, of which less than half are currently active. It is called Refugees in Jesus because the board was originally meant to be a refuge for people who had been “beat up” on other discussion boards because of their pre-trib pre-mil views on the end times, a place where such people could go and not have to face the ridicule of their fellow Christians who are not sensitive to people’s feelings or to the importance of such views or lack thereof, many of whom do not see the possibility that they could be wrong.

I have spent a lot of time over the last three or four years writing on this blog and its forebears. I have gotten very involved in it, and this includes lots of time spent reading other folks’ blogs and commenting on them as well. This has all been at the expense of my friends at Refugees in Jesus, and resulted in a drastic reduction in time I spent there and in the amount of writing and interaction I did there.

I have decided that it is time I return to RIJ and rededicate my time to that community. Blogging has been fun, and I’m not going to stop blogging. But I’m going to rearrange my priorities a bit and devote much more time to the discussion board, and less to blogging. Put simply, they need me more.

So I’ll still be around the blogs, just not as much.