I cranked up this old boat anchor this morning and looked at my WP dashboard, and saw that there is a new WP theme. I took a look at it and said to myself, “Self, I like this new theme. I think maybe I’ll use it.” Myself said, “But you’re not blogging any more.” And I said, “You’re wrong, self. I am still blogging, just not as often.” So I dismissed myself and activated the new theme.

The discussion board is running along smoothly, though with only a few folks, mainly the members of my staff. One of them showed up the other day after buying a new laptop, and discovering she no longer had log-in problems. (Her log-in problems were caused by AOL, not by her computer.)

I’m hoping the discussion board will grow and flourish, but it’s still early in the game. If things continue, we’ll be fine. But as we move into summer, I have found that’s not really the best time to expect much from a discussion board. People get out and enjoy the warm weather, and find other activities, and discussion boards languish – even the biggest and best ones do.

So I’m still hanging around the blogs, and keeping the door open here at the Sundry Times. Two different, though similar, online communities. I think my discussion board friends tend to be older, the bloggers generally a bit younger. And both can be fun.