I don’t mind giving away my age by what I write. It’s a matter of public knowledge anyway. But back in the late 60s or early 70s, as far as I can remember, there was a TV show about a young man who rode around the country on a motorcycle, doing odd, part-time jobs to make a little money, so he could continue to ride around the country doing odd, part-time jobs, and so on. I don’t remember the name of the show; I think it was only on the air for one season. But it starred a young man by the name of Michael Parks.

Now I have no idea what ever happened to Michael Parks since then. I know, I could Google him, but I’m just not up to it right now, and besides, it just doesn’t matter. But back then, while he was riding the height of his popularity, he recorded a record album – you know, a large vinyl disc – it was all kind of folksy, smooth, almost country music but not really. The guy didn’t have too bad a voice, either. I mean, I think he was at least as good a singer as, say, Clint Eastwood. (Yes, Clint Eastwood could sing, a little. You can catch his singing in “Paint Your Wagon”) Anyway, I bought the album, and I enjoyed it for a few weeks or months, and my favorite song on that album was one called “Mountain High, Valley Low”.

Now if that isn’t a roundabout way of introducing my subject, I don’t know what is! As far as that goes, it’s probably a lot more interesting than my subject, which is the chart of hits on my blog.

I always get a bit of a kick out of looking at that chart. I can always tell when one of my posts has hit a nerve, because the mountain peak goes way, way up! But even if it’s not much of a post, the peak still goes up, because people just come to see what I have to say. And if I don’t write anything on a particular day, it generally goes down, like a valley. (Am I telling you anything you didn’t already know?)

It’s kinda fun looking at the chart over a few weeks, because I can pick out where the weekends are – they’re always at least on the downslope, if not at the very bottom of the valley.

Some of you good folks come to see what I write even when I don’t write. It doesn’t seem to matter, every weekend I always get at least 25 hits per day. And if I write something that really hits a nerve, I get 100, 150, sometimes even over 200 hits in a single day. (Yeah, I know it’s small potatoes to some of you folks, but it’s pretty good as far as I’m concerned.)

So I look at my chart and I see high mountains, and low valleys. I’ll bet you see that on your own blog, too.

So this was kind of a dumb post? Yeah, I suppose, but I got you to read it, didn’t I?