I was going to write about how I am encountering virtually no negatives in my recent switch to the ESV Bible. That is certainly true! But I also want to let you know about another resource I’m trying out – ESV Online.

The ESV Online site is excellent as it comes, with the ESV translation easily available before your eyes, easy to use, including even bookmarks that actually work!

But right now I am in the middle of a trial period during which I’m using the ESV Study Bible resources as well, including the wonderful ESV Study Bible notes, maps, charts, and so on. And it’s all so easy to use!

This trial period is only for a certain amount of time, during which I have available the ESV Study Bible resources for free. After that time elapses I will have to pay for them. The price is $19.99, a one-time purchase, but if you buy the print version of the ESV Study Bible, then the online version is free. Either way I think this is well worth the price!

I think if I owned the ESV Study Bible printed version, that would be enough, but the fact is there are lots of times I would find the online version very handy, even indispensable, because there are lots of times that I’m online, doing Bible study, or writing, and it’s so much handier to be able to click on the ESV resources than to look it up in the paper version and copy it to the computer.

This is something I now highly recommend, the ESV Online, and even more the ESV Study Bible Online! Get it! You won’t regret it!