Today is a special day around here. Our youngest daughter, Rachel, will graduate from Mankato Central High School this evening.

Rachel has many interests, including musical performance, but she has expressed interest in going to technical college for graphic design. However, she says that because she had to work so hard and desperately to catch up to where she should be after her old charter school didn’t give her the credits she was supposed to have, and now she has managed to graduate on time as she was supposed to, she wants to take a year off from going to school before deciding what to do next.

And I don’t blame her.

I remember when I graduated, then went on to college that fall. I wasn’t ready for college. I wasn’t mature enough to do it, and do it well, and I dropped out after three semesters. I would much rather Rachel do what she wants to do with her life than pursue avenues that she’s not really interested in, and which may not bring her happiness or fulfillment in her life.

Congratulations, daughter!