I couldn’t believe it as I re-entered our fine little city late this morning. As I drove along East Main Street I saw an older woman ahead of me park her Buick on the right side of the street, right next to a sign that looks like the one at the left. You know what that means, don’t you? Apparently she didn’t. All she knew was she wanted to stop at the rummage sale at a house across the street from where she parked.

After I went past her I looked in my rear-view mirror and noticed her get out of the car, right in front of oncoming traffic. She stood there as people swerved to avoid hitting her.

The other side of the street has a full parking lane. It’s even marked off with a paint stripe between it and the traffic lane. But she wasn’t heading that direction, she was going the same way I was, and when she wanted to park that meant to her that she should pull over to the right side of the street and park. Sign? What sign?

I don’t know what the solution is. I think the problem has to do with the common sense, or lack of it, possessed by the engineers who design the lay-out of our streets.

Then again, maybe the older woman was a little too “older”, if you know what I mean. Maybe she learned to drive before these silly street designs were made up. Besides, what does that “P” sign mean, anyway? She doesn’t have to “P”. Or maybe she does. What is that slash diagonally across that “P” for, anyway?

Maybe they should have stuck with signs that said, “No parking this side of street”. Nobody would miss that one, would they? (Actually they have signs in our mobile home park where we live. They are regularly ignored.)

I don’t think that older woman was hit by anybody. I assume she made it across the street, checked out the rummage sale, and then made it back across the street to her car, which she promptly entered and drove off.

But what if she was my mom? What if she was your mom?