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Among all the brouhaha going on recently regarding the “imperfect” perfect game thrown by Armando Galarraga and spoiled by the blown call by umpire Jim Joyce, one of Minnesota’s most beloved inveterate sports commentators, Sid Hartman of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune said something I’m sure many people were thinking. The problem is, Mr. Hartman said it out loud, on video yet, for all the world to hear. Mr. Hartman called umpire Jim Joyce a “stupid imbecile”.

Is Jim Joyce a “stupid imbecile”? Of course not! Jim Joyce is a fine, intelligent, major league umpire with many years of experience in the game. To call him such a name is a horrible breach of protocol!

Sid Hartman has been a sports columnist and commentator for many, many years. In other words, he’s “getting up there”. Perhaps he didn’t realize what poor etiquette it was when he said it; I don’t think he did. He appeared to be grasping for words when he said what he did.

Even so, I think Sid Hartman owes Jim Joyce a sincere apology.

And I’m wondering if maybe the time is rapidly approaching for Sid Hartman to call it a career and retire. It’s getting so Sid is becoming more and more irrelevant and an embarrassment to his employer and his fans.