…theme, that is.

What do you think of this theme?

Overall, I like it. I like the dark around the outside, with the white lettering, and how it contrasts with the white of the posts. I like the red titles, too. And the clear punctuation and text. It has a lot of the style points that I look for in a theme.

But I’m not quite so sure of the header, and the ragged-looking edges, especially down the left side of the sidebar. I think the description WP give this theme is “grunge”. I didn’t think of it that way until I read their description, and now I’m not quite so sure about how I feel about it.

I also think they should have a place that says “comments” or “make a comment”, rather than that little balloon above the right side of the post. (Oh, I see now, that when you read an individual post you get a reply box down at the bottom, but you don’t see anything about making comments when you just read the main page. You just have that little comment balloon.)

I dunno. I’ll see how long it takes before I get tired of it.